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Stay Golden


I’m just going to cut to the chase. I am all about being transparent today and I want you to know what you are getting yourself into if you decide to take the time to read my bumblings of the moment.

THE GOLDEN RULE. Treat others how you want to be treated… Lesson number one in kindergarten.

It’s funny how it’s literally the most basic rule - but one car cuts you off in traffic and all of a sudden everyone is the enemy. Even if you are an extremely patient person… after four people break traffic rules you feel they deserve the finger (Y’all know I live in L.A. now, right? Let me tell you… the struggle is real.) I may not have flipped anyone off… but my mind is RACING with incredible mean thoughts and it takes all my energy to swallow the words before I can open my mouth…. (Confession for the day.)

L.A. may have an “interesting” traffic flow… but it also has an interesting flow of people. I live in the heart of the city where I daily see the wealthiest of the wealthy and the poorest of the poor. I walk down one block and see the usual suspects in the world. Middle class families riding bikes, grabbing coffees, and grocery shopping. The next street is full of wealth and Gucci bags, Coach sweaters, and the surprisingly frequent Bogati sightings. Then… a few more blocks and your heart will break at the sight of people living out of shopping carts. Their shelter from the rain is bus stops and highway over-passes…

It’s an interesting blend - and I could rant for hours about mental health system failures and how we need to help these people… but we can save that for another time…

Where was I? Oh yes. The golden rule and the different people of L.A. (and all over really).

PEOPLE. Treat everyone kindly, no matter what class you find yourself in.

You are all probably thinking… oh yes. Lindsay is talking about the rich and the wealthy and how they need to be kind to the lower class.

Hmm. Yes and No.

It’s actually quite surprising how many people I meet out here who are, in fact, incredibly wealthy; and these people are incredibly kind and respectful to all the people they encounter. What I recently have seen more is those with less treating those with more, poorly.

For example:

My heart broke Friday. I saw a young (probably high school aged) girl in a store paying for a dress. Her card wouldn’t go through. She was frustrated and called her mom and they were trying to sort it out. Meanwhile, the woman behind her in line made a comment about relying too much on “Daddy’s money” and that the real world would be a hard shock for her. The young girl of course heard. She sheepishly finished her transaction with cash and walked out of the store with her head down…

First of all. We have no idea what that girl’s story was. She could be traveling and forgot to call her card company. Maybe she has been saving up on for that dress a while. Or, maybe her mom and dad ARE supporting her…

WHO CARES. Yes. Everyone should learn to be responsible… But who are we to judge? We can’t be the parents or the patriarchs of the world (even though I think I would be a great boss of the world… maybe).

The point is… just because someone has an easier time with resources does not mean we have the right to treat them with discourse and resentment. We take the cards we are given and do with them what we can.

I say this because I have to remember this everyday. I moved to L.A. and went from having an office job to doing part time work in the service industry while doing acting on the side. I’m starting from the bottom ( I’m here… {little Drake there}). I’ve had more than a few people jeer at my choice to try out “the business”. I just have to remind myself no one can make me feel little but me - and to turn the cheek and show love and kindness….


On a more positive note. I also am daily reminded of how wonderful people can be. The business may have some darks sides, but there is a very light side full of supportive people. I constantly run into not only creative but corporate types at the coffee shop, in my Uber rides to work, or just out and about walking around parks who are only excited to learn and hear about the work and lives of those around them… Full support. it’s amazing.

To Recap and bring back the random bumbling tangent I went off on: People are good. We don’t know circumstances and backgrounds. So speak kind words to those who have less AND to those who have more.

Golden Rule and such...

Also. L.A. traffic is the worst… #learningtodeal #dailystruggle

Oh. On an unrelated word… Eat more ice cream and drink more coffee. Just because.

Cheers, Stay Golden


P.S. The camel picture has nothing to do with anything - it just makes me smile.

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